The Couple Relationship

The couple relationship is a key factor in a healthy family. The functioning of the couple relationship has been found to impact the functioning of individual parent-child relationships and the greater family unit (Stroud, et. al., 2015). As a family system, each relationship within the family interacts with the other relationships. For this reason, among others, investing in the couple relationship may have a positive impact on the other relationships within the family, and overall family well-being (Cox & Paley, 1997).

In this section, we offer resources to support the couple-relationship of parents with children (0-2 years-old).

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center: Find resources in Wisconsin related to building and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Parents Plus: Provides “home-based education for families with young children, relationship building for new and expectant parents, and programs that foster parental involvement in schools for improved student achievement.”

Office of Childcare and Family Resources: Are you a member of the University of Wisconsin community? Explore this rich department, whose mission is to support young families at the University of Wisconsin.

Childcare Centers: Looking for a childcare center in Dane County? The needs, values, and priorities of each family vary, and therefore the best childcare facility will also vary from family to family. The amount of childcare preferred, will also vary from family to family. One benefit of childcare is to provide space and time for the couple to nurture their couple relationship. Explore this website to find the best childcare fit for your family.

Activities in Madison: After you have found childcare for your child, what now? Looking for a fun activity to do with your partner? Explore these ideas for a creative date!




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