Becoming a Parent

Parenting isn’t always easy, but we certainly believe it is worthwhile. You may wonder what you can do to ease the transition from caring for yourself and maybe your partner to caring for a child.

The Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative suggests three main ways to be both good parents and a strong couple (or any other care-pair!)

  • Be a team: You and your partner should come to an agreement on HOW you want to parent and support your partner’s decisions. If you aren’t sure about how your partner wants to parent, ask now! The Active Parenting: Parenting Style Quiz is a good resource for you and your partner to use in order to get a better idea of what type of parenting style you each plan on employing when parenting.
  • Avoid having a “good” parent: Similar to the last point, don’t undermine your spouse’s style just to make you child happy because the other parent will look strict and mean. Enforce rules fairly and equally (even at a young age, to avoid confusion).
  • Keep talking about it: Your job as a parent is always changing, so decisions you made before might need to be updated. Talk with your partner to manage the “team” just like you would with any other group.