Baby’s First Year

Congrats on having a baby! Your baby’s first year is exciting. From their first breath to the first birthday, they are growing mentally and physically. Noticing their new “firsts” is rewarding, but it can also be worrisome if your child doesn’t seem to be developing similarly to other children. This page is meant for you to better understand what some of these milestones mean and what you can do to promote healthy development.

Act Early Wisconsin is a great resource for all families who have a newborn. The site aims to educate parents and professionals about healthy childhood development, early warning signs of autism and other developmental disorders, the importance of routine developmental screening, and timely early intervention whenever there is a concern.

 Zero to Three offers a lot of information for parents of infants (and toddlers). The site discusses ways to promote healthy development and challenges that parents might face.

One of the most important things for you to remember as a parent is that your child has a particular “temperament.” This is essentially your baby’s personality and it will influence how your baby interacts with the world. Tuning into your baby’s feelings and interests can help you find ways to promote their development in ways that feel right.